Jelly Roll Marijuana Strain


Close your eyes and picture yourself sitting on the tip of a mountain, the cold air hitting your face as you meditate against the backdrop of your surroundings. If you love a soothing high that puts you in a creative place, search no more. Well, you might have to search pretty hard as this is a super rare indica-dominant strain bred to showcase two beloved strains. Not to be confused with one of its more popular parents, Jelly Roll is a cross between Jellyroll and Gupta Kush that leaves users feeling extra close to their inner selves.The buds are dense and neon green with orange hairs and amber trichomes. This appearance is only enhanced by the overwhelming grape and anise flavors. Some describe Jelly Roll as dank, but more so than just dank, the buds are spicy and rich in taste and aroma, with earthiness and grape that dances on your nose.


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